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NYC is strong. The NYC Restart Program lets locals support their community and your business by paying the credit card processing fee, letting you keep 100% of the sales.

Free Setup + No Merchant Fees

Technology to automatically pass merchant fees to your patrons irrespective of the providers

Increase Profit by 30%

With our technology taking care of merchant charges you can relax and see profit improve by 30%*

99% Approval in No Time

• Almost all businesses approved
• 1 Business Day Turnaround time

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Pre-Approval for Unsecured Funding

If you are approved for this program, then you are pre-approved for a line of credit*

Calculate the cost of processing credit cards

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process credit cards.

Why do businesses prefer the Community Credit Card Processing Program?

• The Community Shared Credit Card Processing Fee Program allows your customers to pay the credit card processing fee. Our technology clearly identifies the fee for your customer so that they understand exactly what it is

• This incentivizes a cash discount program for your customers

• Contactless credit card processing

• This is 100% legal in all 50 states, accepts all credit cards and you start saving day 1 with no hidden fees

How Does American Capital Group Processing Work?

Customer pays with a credit card at your restaurant

When they pay with credit card, the non cash discount price will be charged

After a transaction, 100% of the transaction amount is deposited in your bank account

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